Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice hobby, nice site!

here is a lovely gardening website, gardening is a good hobby, also a nice way to explore and see tons of bugs:

lotis blue butterfly info!

have you ever heard of the lotis blue butterfly?

Possibly extinct, the Lotis Blue has not been seen alive since 1983. Little is known about this mysterious butterfly. It is only known from a few sites near Mendocino on California's north coast. Thought to have been restricted to a rare coastal bog type of habitat, this butterfly may be a victim of climatic shifts as much as development. Droughts in the late 1970s caused severe declines in populations of Coast Hosackia (Lotus formosissimus) the plant thought to have supported the development of this butterfly.

Bogs may be considered to be old ponds which have gradually undergone a process known as eutrophication, a process which eventually leads to dry land. Though this is natural and the butterfly has probably adapted to the need to move its location periodically, human activities may have played a role in altering successional patterns and preventing the formation of new bog habitat.

Ongoing studies are using aerial photography and other remote sensing techniques to attempt to identify areas potentially still inhabited by the Lotis Blue. If the butterfly is rediscovered attempts will be made to breed the species in captivity and assist individuals in getting to appropriate breeding sites. Meanwhile research is being conducted on the successional patterns of bog habitat and the needs of the host plant in a hopes of preventing its decline and perhaps that of other associated organisms in the future.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


  1. From small in size
    To as big as whoppers
    We hop in the grass
    So we're called _____________

  2. I'm busy, as busy as can bee,
    Making honey for you and me.
    My bumbling cousin is very busy too,
    But she won't make honey to give to you._____________

  3. I don't like butter, and I'm not a fly.
    Whoever named me made a bad try.
    When I'm not flying up too high,
    You might chase me when I flutter by. _____________

  4. Deer or horses are not these flies' dish,
    But they'll bite you too, if they wish._____________

  5. When a dog gets bit by these
    He snaps or bites in hopes to seize
    The pest that makes him ill at ease,
    But with a jump, the insect flees._____________

  6. A carpenter is very good
    At building houses made from wood.
    You may guess, that from our name,
    We ants can also can do the same. _______________


This picture makes me cringe!!!! I know we like learning about bugs, but seriously, this guy is going to extremes!!!
The bug club leader and I were at her house, down by the creek. We decided to go minnow fishing, we wore some big long rubber fishing boots. We caught 1 minnow an named it pigwiglemon. We ended up letting him go and he was very excited being back to his normal habitat!
he somewhat looked like this:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Isn't this butterfly just beautiful? <-------- I know!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This is a wonderous picture of a colorado potato bug, isnt it just cool???

Thursday, April 8, 2010

hello!! its been a while since we have posted, so i would like to say, it is time for bugs to come out, and spring has sprung! Hope ya'll had a nice easter!! how many bugs have you seen around? count, and comment!